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5 Reasons to Invest in Gold after COVID-19

Gold has continued to be a mainstream investing option for a long time. It has been revered throughout the world for its worth and rich history. Individuals have needed to hold gold for different reasons for a long period now. With different developments, the gold trading business has advanced from actual gold to virtual trading. Be that as it may, all types of gold are similarly appealing for investing.  Here's top notch of reasons why gold actually sparkles as a good investment option:  1. Gold has kept up its worth  Consistently, gold has clutched its worth and individuals view it as an approach to pass on and protect abundance from one generation to the next.  2.  Holds a decent price when the anchor currency loses its worth  Gold rates rise when the US dollars or the anchor currency falls. Gold has hence been named as a place of high and safe security. Individuals start to incline towards the gold's security at the hour of fall in the reserve currency value. 3.  Support against inflation  Gold has been an amazing fence against inflation as the general prices rise up corresponding to the increasing living standard.  4. Gold's buying power takes off during collapse  Costs diminishes and business activity eases back down on the occasion of flattening and the economy gets troubled with exorbitant debt. The overall buying force of the gold eventually takes off while different costs drop.   5.  High demand Expanded abundance of the arising economies has resulted in an increased demand for gold. In many nations, it is interlaced into its way of life. Indians purchase a great deal of gold particularly during the wedding season and Chinese purchase gold bars as they are considered to be a conventional type of saving. The gold demand has been developing among the financial specialists also.  The decrease of paper investments, such as bonds and stocks, prompts increment in the cost of gold and thus gold is the ideal investment to make in the event that you wish to enhance your portfolio. It will fill in as a support against inflation and the disintegration of significant monetary standards and thus, investing in gold seems to be a sensible consideration.  So then, what are you waiting for? Invest your hard earned money in the Gold saving scheme at Rajam Chetty Jewellers today and we promise you won’t regret it!

Silver and Gold Jewellery - Know the Whats and Whys!

For Indian culture, heritage, and tradition, Jewellery plays a crucial role. Apart from imparting radiance and joy, each ornament adorned by an Indian woman carries ethnic and spiritual significance. As a matter of fact, metal ornaments do have the ability to protect women against negative energies and also aids in acquiring divine consciousness to the ones wearing them.  Traditional pieces of jewellery are usually made of Gold and Silver metals. Gold is the most preferred metal for making traditional jewellery. It is highly durable and considered to be the most Sattvik (Sattva predominant- Spiritually pure) among all the metals. Moreover, it signifies good well-being, prosperity, and femininity.  Silver, on the other hand, is considered by people who can’t afford to adorn Gold. Wearing Silver helps people suffering from negative emotions and is even considered to provide protection from magic. The metal is a symbol of femininity and motherhood.  While both Gold and Silver jewellery have their own set of advantages, it is often observed that Gold is worn to adorn the upper part of the body while Silver is preferred below the waistline. This is because Gold is known to keep the body warmer by reacting well with the body’s energy and aura, while Silver provides a cooling effect on the body as it reacts well with the earth’s energy. Thus, through this practice, our body temperature is perfectly maintained. The ornaments worn above the waist include Nethichutti, Harams, and Ottiyanam. 1.  Nethichutti Nethichutti is known to control the heat level of the body. The exact point where the Nethichutti falls is considered to be the Ajna chakra, which in Sanskrit implies “to know or perceive”. The chakra represents the unification of the male and female on a physical, emotional, and spiritual level.   2.  Harams This neck ornament, in addition to beautifying a woman’s look, regulates the blood pressure and heart rate as it is worn close to the heart. It also aids in controlling one’s emotions and strengthening love.  3. Ottiyanam Ottiyanam is essentially worn to help women control their weight. Apart from looking flattering on a woman’s waist, it aids in the prevention of flab accumulation in the hip, thus maintaining a woman’s figure.  The ornaments adorned below the waist include Toe ring, Waist key chain, and anklets.   1.  Toe Ring Made from Silver, toe rings are known to absorb energy from the earth and pass it to the entire body, thus refreshing the whole system. It also helps in regularizing a woman’s menstrual cycle and strengthens the reproductive organs by keeping them balanced and healthy. 2.  Waist key chains This ornament made of Silver is popular since ancient times and looks incredibly chic even today. You can stay away from mucus and phlegm formation in the throat when you wear them. The hook exerts acupressure at the point of contact which keeps your voice clear.    3. Anklets Wearing an anklet leads to a woman feeling active and enthusiastic. It is considered to prevent the body’s energy from getting wasted. It helps to counter the currents produced by the body, thus maintaining the flow of positivity throughout the system. Having listed all the benefits of various ornaments, it’s understandable why our ancestors wanted us to follow these traditional practices. In this era of advanced technology, though people have started neglecting these rituals, it is important to respect these as they are associated with several advantages.