Welcome to rajamchettyjewellers.com. We understand your concerns on collection and dissemination of personal information and security of transactions on this website. We assure you that protecting and securing customers’ personal information and ensuring secure transactions is one of our top priorities. This section lists out the details of privacy policy for accessing this website.

Please note that our privacy policy is subject to change without any prior intimation and we advise you to review the same periodically. By using this website, you accept and agree to abide by the terms and conditions mentioned in this privacy policy. You also agree to our use and disclosure of your personal information as mentioned in this privacy policy. We understand that your privacy is of paramount importance to you, so your privacy is very important to us and GRCLLP works to ensure that the users privacy is protected when using our service. GRCLLP has a policy setting out how the personal information of user is processed and protected. Users can visit our website to find the revisions (if any) made to the user policy. GRCLLP will not make any financial benefits by selling or leasing the user information to any third party.


For purchase above Rs. 2 lakhs, PAN card copy must be provided upon placing the order in the manner specified by Seller. Failure to provide the same shall result in cancellation of the order. PRODUCTS ONLINE

GRCLLP takes care in providing elaborate information about the products that are displayed in the website. However, users may expect more information regarding the product. In such a case, members can contact our customer care or support via email or toll free number displayed prominently in the header or footer sections of the web page. We solicit your valuable feedback and suggestions.


The website www.rajamchettyjewellers.com may indicate availability of a product for sale by displaying its image. However, an unforeseen situation of non-availability of the product may arise. In such a case GRCLLP will endeavor to arrange it either from a third party or design it in any of its manufacturing units. Prompt communication will be initiated by GRCLLP if so or even otherwise via email or phone.

Please take cognizance of the fact that for jewels or precious stones, regardless of the displayed information sales can occur only based on the current availability of the product. In such a case, actual prices may vary from the prices indicated in the site.


While GRCLLP exercises great care and caution while photographing the jewels and uploading them to the site(www.rajamchettyjewellers.com) to provide the users with a real-time viewing experience, possibility of any minor deviation with respect to shade, design, size due to factors such as lighting, reflection of stones, camera & sensor quality cannot be ruled out . We hope user is aware of these practical issues while placing the order with us and shall not hold GRCLLP as accountable at a later stage.


If a user requires a jewel exclusively designed to satiate his/her soul by performing modifications in existing design by adding or removing or changing the precious or semi precious stones mounted on the ornament as such, they shall contact the sales or support team and get to know on the possibility of customization. Customization of a product is the prerogative of GRCLLP. It may take up the order for customization or indicate inability, at its own determination. Buyer has to bear the customization cost fixed by the company.

Customer may also upload designs in the Seller’s website and request for jewellery making of such designs. Such designs will be scrutinized by the Seller and Seller will intimate Customer about the price of such designs. If the price is accepted by the Customer, then Seller will make such jewelry upon payment. However accepting such orders is at sole discretion of the Seller based on the possibility of making such design and/or craftsmanship availability. Customer agrees that in case of such upload’s Customer shall ensure such design doesn’t infringe intellectual property of a third party. Customer shall indemnify the Sellers and/or its partners at all times with respect to any claims made by third parties in this regard.


The product price is inclusive of the price of the material(s), designing or craftsmanship cost, making charges along with the wastage fee and Tax component. GRCLLP has every right in determining the price of the product. These costs shall be referred as ’Value Added Charges/Making Charges’.

All prices quoted and displayed in the website are in INR(Indian National Rupees). Though the price displayed in the website is the final price of the product covering price of the metal, stones, value added charges, handling charges (if applicable) and ’tax’, please be aware that the prices of jewellery

fluctuate in accordance with international metal market trends and hence the final price may be subject to minor variations within the short span of making payment. In such a case, you may have to pay a bit higher or lower than the price indicated in the site. Handling charges refer to the charges we may levy in case of unanticipated practical difficulties in delivery or due to higher rates of payment to payment gateway. Check the ’Tax & Value Added Charges’ section of the terms and conditions for more clarity.

The price of gold displayed as gold rate is based on the price announced by the ’Madras Jewellers & Diamond Merchants association’ at Chennai for 22 carat gold with or without discount at the discretion of GRCLLP. Kindly confirm the price before opting for payment procedure. However, rajamchettyjewellers.com puts continuous efforts in updating the price listed in the website. GRCLLP reserves the right to alter the prices with or without notice.

The price of diamond and precious stones is subject to availability of the stones and will be based on market trends.

The weight of the product displayed in the website as ’product weight’ is an approximate indication of the product’s weight and actual weight may vary slightly.

Price of the product is based on the indicated weight and payment shall also be made for the same. If situation arises such that the physical weight of the purchased product is lower than the indicated weight for which the payment is made, the difference of amount corresponding to the difference in weight of the gold will be sent back as a cheque or through net banking and will be shipped to the customer along with the product. The price of the gold, in this case, is calculated based on the market rate of the gold that prevails on the date and time of the purchase. This act of gesture showed by GRCLLP is purely in its interest towards the satisfaction of customer and it shall not be considered as a mandatory practice.

The price displayed and product detail may be subject to typographical errors though every reasonable effort is made to make the data free of such errors. In such situation, users should clarify the price with the customer support team of GRCLLP Jewellery. If the product price quoted, listed or displayed in the website is higher than the actual price, GRCLLP will contact the member and will inform the right price for the selected Jewel. Similarly, if otherwise, GRCLLP shall contact the user to inform the right price and shall make invoice on the informed price or shall cancel the order based on customer’s interest.

Due to the fluctuation in market price, the price of the metals (gold, silver or platinum) and Gems/stones, may vary from the time of order (or added to cart) and the time of purchase or the time at which the payment is made. The price at the time of purchase will surpass all other prices.


An email will be sent to the member after the purchase is finalized with www.rajamchettyjewellers.com. User shall use this email as reference for their purchase.


Payment shall be made through credit card or debit card or through net banking or transferred through NEFT via banks. Once an order is placed user will be directed through payment gateway for online payment and transactions to purchase the merchandise and user shall choose their payment option.

It is assumed that every member who is a (bank’s) cardholder is aware of the terms and conditions of online banking and usage of bank cards. Else, check with your bank’s policy. User should understand, agree and confirm that the information they provide on the debit or credit card while updating their user account profile should not impersonate other person. The same principle holds good for internet banking; the user shall not use other person’s internet banking account to transact with this website.

The information shall not be utilized or shared with third party unless required for legal verification by agencies such as judiciary or police enquiry.

GRCLLP shall not be responsible for intentional deception, fiddle or fraud of debit or credit card or internet banking by any third party while using the website. Check the privacy policy.

GRCLLP reserves every right to undo any purchase process even after the payment is done either as full or part payment. The reason for rejection shall be cited through the contact information provided. Kindly refer the ’Cancellation terms’ part of the terms and conditions. In case of refund, the payment shall be credited to the user’s account. Check the refund procedure to know how refund of the payment is done from rajamchettyjewellers.com.

The invoice from GRCLLP includes the product’s price (as described in the Terms and Conditions of GRCLLP), ’taxes’ (as described as Taxes) and other costs mentioned as the ’Value Added charges’/’Making Charges’. Users have to pay all the charges and are responsible for reporting on their personal income or tax related issues as per the requirements of Government of India.


GRCLLP follows the standard industry practices to maintain your personal information. We take responsibility in storing the personal data viz, Name, address, email address and phone number that you have willingly provided while registering the account with us or while placing order or during transaction or while subscribing newsletter or participating in any events or other promotions or while providing feedback. GRCLLP will not be getting any information regarding the financial transactions. Credit/debit card or banking details will be provided by the user only while using the Payment gateway.


The information provided by the user will be used to fulfill our commitment to the user and to provide sufficient information from our side benefiting them and for verifying their order and to communicate with them for getting information. This also includes letting the user know the latest offers that we think may interest you (by analyzing your personal information). If the user at any point of time wishes not to receive any such messages they may contact the support team by email and let them know their interest and decision. We keep and use their personal information as long as the user is interested in letting us use it or for as long as required by the law.


GRCLLP will never share any of its website users personal information to any other company for spam or mass mailing or for marketing purposes. Payments and other financial transactions on the website are processed by a third party, which normally adheres to a strict policy regarding confidentiality agreement which limit their use of such information and are bound to the terms and conditions of the third party’s payment gateway process. However, details about financial transaction will never be stored or tracked by any of the system or software of Seller. We have a non-disclosure agreement with this third party, and they are certified by all major card issuers to hold details securely.


The personal details of the user shall remain with us as long as the user requires it to serve the purpose of the data to exist with us or as long as required under law. Users may officially inform the support team that their data shall not be used by the GRCLLP to communicate with them. We shall remove their personal data from the list for communication; however, it shall remain with us for any kind of legal verification as required by the Government of India.


We take appropriate precautions to protect the security of Personally Identifiable Information. We encrypt certain sensitive information using Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology to ensure that your Personally Identifiable Information is safe as it is transmitted to us. However, no data transmission over the Internet can be guaranteed to be completely secure. Accordingly, we cannot ensure or warrant the security of any information that you transmit to us, so you do so at your own risk. This Privacy Policy only addresses the use and disclosure of information we collect from you. Other websites that may be accessible through this Website have their own privacy policies and data collection, use and disclosure practices. If you link to any such website, we urge you review the website’s privacy policy. We are not responsible for the policies or practices of third party websites.


Security for financial transactions is provided by the third party which can be checked on their terms and privacy policies. GRCLLP shall not involve in any of the financial transactions made by the user. Any loss or problems due to financial transactions shall be inquired to the third party who provides the payment gateway and not to GRCLLP. It is assumed that users are aware of the policies of using credit/debit card online or using internet banking while transacting with GRCLLP.