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Buy Gold Jewellery Online and Enjoy Insured Shipping from rajamchettyjewellers.com. Rajam Chetty Jewellery is India's leading online gold jewellery store gives the finest designs in Gold Bangles, Gold Bracelets, Gold Chains, Gold Necklaces,Gold Rings, Gold Earrings, Gold Pendants, Gold Haram, Gold Malai and Gold Articles.


Harams are a special kind of traditional jewelry to be adorned at weddings, engagements, and festive occasions by women of all walks of life. While a girl awaits her whole life to be adorned with beautiful embellishments to look like a royal princess on her biggest day, harams are the perfect choice to enhance and beautify the bride’s appearance.

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By wrapping and flaunting a special and precious piece of beauty around her neck, a woman feels gracious and nothing less than a royal queen. Flourishing elegance all over with its intricate and unique designs, a piece of necklace is enough to fetch her a heap of compliments. Exquisitely fabricated to impress those eyes that choose to take a look at you with a prolonged gaze. 

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The most alluring of its kind is a ring that makes you fall in love, once again. It speaks of everlasting grace and promise, you hold ardently within your hands, throughout this beautiful journey called life. From embellished stones to pretty minimalistic designs, the wide range of gold rings provide you with masterpieces, that is of the utmost rarity, making it for you an unmissable asset.

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All that she hears, she treasures it within the sound of her dangling earrings. And as she wears it with so much pride, she becomes the embodiment of beauty that shines through those delicately carved jewellery. A woman's attire is complete when paired with earrings that seem like it is precisely crafted just for her. Earrings picked true to one's style narrates her aura and elegance like nobody else.

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Gently falling across her flawless silk attire, is an artisanal gold chain. Culturally, it makes the most integral part of an Indian woman's everyday jewellery and especially during memorable occasions. Offering Premium graded chains with intricate and sublime designs have always been our legacy. Our chains are available at different lengths and unique patterns in order to suit your varied tastes and necessities.

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To own a one-of-a-kind pendant jewellery that is breathtaking in nature is every woman’s desire. The intricately carved gold chain, bearing the decorative dollar is an absolute delight to witness when it stands out, from your charming outfits. Step up your fashion game this festive season, with a pendant and a sizzling set of matching earrings.

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Love entwined dollars is designed to be paired with your favourite chain. A beautiful dollar can always be regarded as an ultimate show stealer. The versatility of this jewellery is that it single handedly shifts your overall appearance to classiness by leaving you with just enough sparkles for the occasion. Presenting to you, some of our most exquisite traditional designs carefully adorned with precious stone embellishments.

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An Indian woman presents herself with meticulously arranged golden bangles that gracefully elevates her traditional attire for any special occasion. Her connection with bangles stays deeply rooted since ages, mirroring our ancient traditions and the rich cultural heritage. Her joy knows no bounds , everytime she hears her bangles chime and she radiates beauty more than ever, while simply adorning the magnificent gold jewellery.

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Dreamily gorgeous bracelets that match the spirit and liveliness of the festive occasion.  Designer gold bracelets are eagerly sought after by women who with great passion, try to make a fashion statement. The variety in our creation, calls for a wardrobe-friendly collection that fits perfectly for different age groups. These exclusive light-weight beauties are available at our store at unbelievable rates for our faithful customers.

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A glimpse of unconditional faith from her divine soul. The mangalyam marks the beginning of a new meaning in her life as the bride embarks on her magical trail to treasure her forever love. The delicate piece of jewellery holds an unmatched significance to the Indian bride. 

Our design is authentic and focuses on the imagery of the divine. Available in auspicious patterns and shapes to match your preference.

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Wedding Set

A beautiful bride on her big day must glow from within, while her smile compliments all that jewellery that sparkles on her. We have envisioned for you, your perfect moment - Ceremonious and like a dream come true. Every element of our wedding jewellery collection promises you purity, class, and excellent quality.

You experience the artistic symphony of traditional designs in our wedding collection - nethi chutti , oddiyanam , harams , necklaces and earrings made skillfully to match the elegance of her bridal silk attire.

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