18KT GOLD3,527.00,  22KT GOLD4,311.00,  24KT GOLD4,705.00,  Silver67.00 


A symbol of illumination and supreme perfection, diamonds are multifaceted crystals of light in itself, dispersing energy into flashing prisms of brilliant fire that typifies the illumined light from the sun. Embodying feminine aspects of purity and innocence, of love and fidelity, of truth and trust, diamonds are a rarity and beauty that embrace the strengths of character, fortitude and faithfulness, lending these efficacious qualities unto its wearer

Diamond Haram

Ardently crafted to celebrate the majesty that you carry with poise, diamond harams make for the ideal choice. Designed with extremely unique patterns,  they perform a royal feat by adorning your neck. All you need is one statement piece and you will be all set to flaunt the stunning traditional look at auspicious occasions. The diamond-studded harams blend beautifully with any silk saree.

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Diamond Necklace

Rendering a plush concoction of affluence and modernity, these diamond necklaces stand as a mark of escalating grandeur. With a huge range of different collections to choose from, each necklace will hold a special story that you shall share with your loved ones. The designs are truly distinctive in their own way and assure that one can’t easily take their gaze off them!

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Diamond Rings

Wearing rings is a gentle reminder of the special moments you experienced in life. Studded with precious diamonds, the rings are designed in eye-catchy motifs which celebrate your little wins in life and give a bolt of nostalgia and joyful memories. The assortment that you can find here manoeuvres charmingly across traditional as well as trendy styles.

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Diamond Earrings

Forged in exquisite designs, these diamond earrings give sheer joy and bewilderment every time one sports them. Available in a range of sizes and shapes, the collections consist of studs, hoops, danglers and even jhumkas. With alluring diamond stones as embellishments, they coalesce effortlessly with both ethnic and western outfits. Designed for your bubbly and energetic spirit, they are ideal for daily use as well!


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Diamond Bangles

An Indian woman’s penchant for bangles knows no bounds. Worked with fervently cut diamond stones, this series of bangles shells out the ethnic hues and adds further grace to your aura.  A new line of trendy designs await you on the shelves waiting to be picked up and showered some love!


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Diamond Bracelets

Exemplifying as testaments to your fresh spirits and the radiant energy that you spread around, bracelets work like a powerful good spell. Styled modestly, these diamond “hand chains” make a comfortable choice for your busy and active urban life. Truly sophisticated in patterns and stonework, they utterly flow with your effervescence throughout the day.


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Diamond Pendants

Candidly quirky in make and finish, a whole range of cute pendants lie ahead the alley. A few fond pieces are just enough to style and amp up your whole attire. Carved in intricate patterns, each one of them is a poem in disguise. These adorable diamond pendants bind elegantly with any outfit from your wardrobe.

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Diamond Nosepin

Flaunt your inner diva with this scintillating assortment of dextrous nose pins embellished with diamonds. Depicting a high skill of mastery in their designs, the lovelies effortlessly surface a natural brightness to your profile. Pick your favourites from the whole set of contemporary and traditional models.


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